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About us

As the cannabis industry becomes mainstream around the world, more and more countries are on the verge of legalizing cannabis for medical & recreational purposes. Canada has been an international leader in the blooming cannabis industry by being a pioneer in the legalization of this plant. All this valuable expertise is now made available globally. Globe-Cann is composed of Canadian and internationally renowned cannabis experts, ranging from experts in regulations, license applications, medical sales, construction, operation, production & transformation. We have designed, built and operated over 150 industrial-scale cannabis projects around the world.


Free Guide on How to Build a World Class Cannabis Production Facility 

The construction of a cannabis production facility requires large investments, time and the involvement of professionals from multiple fields. This free guide will help you understand every step of the process to facilitate the journey and ensure project success.

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Site Start-up and Operation

As consultants, our mission is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to build a successful business. Globe-Cann has created a free roadmap to provide insights for new licensees looking to generate revenue and recoup their investment.

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Revenue Simulator

Revenue Simulator

This revenue simulation calculator will help you understand the value of a large cannabis production facility and the impact of having Globe-Cann as a partner in the design stage and all the way up to the operation of an industrial production facility.

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